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  • What Could Have Been:
    • In Muppet Robin Hood, the original plan was to have Gonzo play the Sheriff of Nottingham, Rizzo play Guy of Gisbourne and Sam the Eagle play Will Scarlett. The final comic instead had Sam the Eagle play the Sheriff of Nottingham, Gonzo play Guy of Gisbourne, Rizzo play Arthur a Bland and Janice play Willa Scarlett.
    • An early draft of the cover to the first issue of Muppet Peter Pan indicated that Robin the Frog was the initial choice to play Michael Darling rather than Bean Bunny.
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    • For Muppet Snow White , writer Jesse Blaze Snyder originally intended to have Beard from The Jim Henson Hour portray Dopey and have other characters from The Jim Henson Hour appear in cameo roles, but he was told that those characters were off-limits. Beard does make a cameo in the third issue, however.
    • An early version of the cover for the first issue of Muppet Sherlock Holmes had Kermit portraying Sherlock Holmes. The final miniseries instead has Gonzo portray Sherlock Holmes and Kermit portray Inspector Lestrade.

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