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Trivia / Madgie, what did you do?

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  • Author Appeal: Apparently, the authoress like winters, butterflies, and flowers, considering how much she used the symbolism thereof.
  • Author Phobia: Anything to do with nuclear/biological weapons or wars and all things related
  • Creator Breakdown: Amoridere wrote one of the stories after hearing about the conflict between America and North Korea. Naturally, she developed some worries and used writing to let them out.
    • If the presence of lycoris flowers in Turning the Hands of Time, Part I are a clue, then she must not have been going through a good time.
  • Development Hell: Not so much this any more than it is her writing, as she tends to finish the stories whenever. Interestingly and oddly enough, the series already has an ending, it just that the authoress continued the series after the fact.
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  • Reality Subtext: According to Amoridere, the "Sometimes, its more than the person that dies" line in Turning the Hands of Time, Part I came from the fact that the story was written either some time around or after her maternal grandmother had passed and that, afterwards, she found it hard to remember since, recalling certain things about her briefly.
  • Shrug of God: The series runs on this as Word Of Goddess did state that whatever the titular Madgie does to alter the past is up for whatever the reader intends for it be and neither does she herself know.
  • Writer's Block: Amoridere stated this is pretty much why the series is only posted to certain point, however, she seems to have come out of this slowly.

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