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Trivia / MARDEK

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  • Development Hell: Chapter 3 was stuck in development hell for years until it was finally finished. Chapter 4 remained in development hell for several years until it was abandoned for the Continuity Reboot.
  • Trope Namer: Actually Four Mooks
  • What Could Have Been: The Steam Re-Release Extras contain a .pdf file of all of Tobias' notes on how the series would progress. Steele would've been the main antagonist of Chapter 4, Deugan and Emela would've rejoined the party, Belfan would get nuked by Gaspar at the end, and Chapter 5 onward would be a spacefaring adventure of liberating various worlds from Ansharian control, with Rohoph taking full control of Mardek after Anu and Zaephros were defeated, becoming the final boss.

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