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As proven in this link, there are several Similarly Named Works under the name Love Lab. What you're looking for depends on what Japanese syllabry you are referring to - yes, there's a difference.

  • Love Lab a.k.a. Ren'ai Lab [恋愛ラボ (kanji)], a comedy slide-of-life four-panel comic (and later, Animated Adaptation) by Ruri Miyahara.
  • Love Lab [ラブラボ (katakana)], a shoujo comic by Kotori Momoyuki.
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  • Love Lab [らぶらぼ (hiragana)], an eroge by Bolero.

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     Trivia for the Manga by Ruri Miyahara and its Anime Adaptation 
  • No Export for You: There's currently no way to get the Love Lab manga in English, other than unofficial scanlations.

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