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  • Creator Breakdown: Starts every era off with a break up song. Agape is basically her expressing her frustration at her recording company and people not following through on their promises. "We Get By" and "Back2thebeginningagain" deal most directly with her, to state it simply, BAD luck.
  • Dedication: Billions to her parents/family, Andre to her favourite artist, Agape to her dog, Mixtapes to her fans, The High Road for her fans, and others.
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  • Denial of Digital Distribution: Her first two albums, JoJo (2004) and The High Road (2006) are unavailable digitally in their original forms. This relates to her contractual battle with her original label, Blackground Records. After she was released, JoJo eventually re-recorded her first two albums and re-release them with redone vocals and production.
  • Name's the Same: She shares her stage name with several other acts named "Jojo", most notably Jodeci's lead singer JoJo Hailey
  • Old Shame: "I think I sound terrible [on my older songs] — as a vocalist, I think it's horrifying," JoJo says with a laugh. "I love to perform those records live, because I have a different perspective on those records now. At 13, I didn't even have my first kiss yet. What the fuck was I talking about? 'Get out'? Get out of where — my playground?"
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  • Saved from Development Hell: Her 3rd album was held back since 2007, before finally seeing release in 2016. Here is JoJo discussing her unluckiness with recording companies. Almost 9 years...9 years...needless to say, fans were extremely happy once she finally dropped a new album.
  • Troubled Production: 3 albums could have come out between The High Road and her third album with Blackground Records, she changed theme three times and her company went broke twice and now barely has a team or you know an office behind it and even the distribution deal with another company went caput. So now she's mix taping everything!
    • After originally being announced in 2007, JoJo's third LP has changed titles, been the subject of dozens of leaked songs, and then been summarily scrapped. The singer says that she has "hundreds of songs" ready to go for a new album, but there is no release date on the horizon.
    • JoJo has blasted her longtime label, Blackground, on Twitter when her frustrations about the lack of attention have boiled over into the public sphere. Now, the 22-year-old is completely estranged from her own imprint.
  • What Could Have Been: She was offered the lead role in Hannah Montana but turned it down because she didn't want to do a TV series.
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  • Writer Revolt: Due to the huge release issues with her third album she's been releasing Mix Tapes every couple of years to give her fans something to listen to.
  • Working Title: Mad Love had two name changes. The album was formerly titled All I Want Is Everything when it was scheduled for released in 2010, then renamed Jumping Trains when the album was moved to 2011.

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