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Trivia / Jeanne d'Arc

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  • Name's the Same: The Reapers are also the name of a street gang in inFamous and an ancient alien race in Mass Effect, both of which came after this game.
  • No Export for You: You'd think that a game based on Joan of Arc, of all people, would see the light of day in Europe? Think again. (In all fairness the PSP is Region-free)
  • Relationship Voice Actor:
    • Yuri Lowenthal and Kari Wahlgren played close friends in this game, and in Legion Of Superheroes, Lowenthal was Superman while Wahlgren played both Saturn Girl and Triplicate Girl.
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    • Both of Jeanne's actresses, Kari Wahlgren and Maaya Sakamoto played Rip Van Winkle in Hellsing Ultimate. And in that, Lowenthal took the exact same French accent he used for Roger and re-used it for Pip Bernadotte.

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