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  • Approval of God: Draw Grant fan art and CaptainGerBear will (eventually) honor you with a cameo appearance in the comic proper. (More on how this tradition came to be in The Cameo entry below.)
  • The Cameo: During the early days of the comic, a fellow artist and then-close friend of CaptainGerBear became a big fan and drew lots of Grant fan art. As a way of saying thank you, CaptainGerBear included this now-former friend's real life likeness in the comic, with him making a cameo appearance on pages 11-14 as the man whom Grant attempts to hunt and kill but ends up having sex with him instead (unknowingly helping Grant discover that he could satisfy his werewolf Horror Hunger without taking human life). This is what gave CaptainGerBear the idea to award cameos to anyone who drew Grant fan art.
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  • Schedule Slip: Well, we could say that if it had a schedule at all. Pages basically appear when CaptainGerBear decides to get around them. The wait between pages may be days, or weeks, or months, or in the case of the comic's latest delay, even years.
  • Word of God: Lots of additional details, in a Q&A "interview" format with "Randy" on CaptainGerBear's blog.
    • On more of a downer note, CaptainGerBear has since openly admitted that he has lost his love for drawing comics (which explains the aforementioned Schedule Slip), citing how much work is involved for no tangible return, and all for something that he no longer finds enjoyment in to boot — unfortunately, the future of Grant looks very bleak.

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