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Trivia / Grace of My Heart

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  • Non-Singing Voice: Ileanna Douglas sings with Kristen Vigard's voice.
  • Write What You Know: Bridget Fonda's character Kelly Porter is basically a No Celebrities Were Harmed version of Lesley Gore, and her song, "My Secret Love", was written for the film by Larry Klein, David Baerwarld and...Lesley Gore.
    • Disowned Adaptation: Gore later mentioned in an interview in The Advocate that she felt she had been brought in too late for a real "co-write" of the song and that this, along with her not even being invited to the premiere, helped lead her to believe the connection and her backstory was being used for publicity purposes.
    "Gore could have been out more prominently in the mid '90s in connection with the movie Grace of My Heart, which included a subplot about a Gore-like teen idol (played by Bridget Fonda) who was gay. Gore worked on the character's song—'My Secret Love'—until she was comfortable having her name on it as a cowriter. But she felt wary that she'd been brought in too late for a real collaboration, and when she wasn't even invited to the premiere, Gore was convinced the filmmakers had used her primarily for publicity. 'It turned into the opposite of what I would have wanted,' she says."

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