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  • Joel's technique for getting Denise to face up to herself: to turn himself into a human punchbag. Combination of CMOA, CMOH and Tear Jerker:
    Joel: Your talent is meaningless to you, Denise. It always has been. From day one you were tellin' me how you wanted to make a record.
    Denise: I made a record.
    Joel: Yeah.
    Denise: About a thousand years ago, and it flopped. Okay? I put myself out there and they didn't want me. And they were right. They were right. I failed and I've accepted it and I have come to peace with it and I've gone on with my life.
    Joel: And so you give up after one flop, huh? I thought you were made of tougher stuff. The last thing I ever took you to be was a coward. Look at you, out in the mud, pullin' up turnips!
    Denise: [sighing] You know, I don't need a lecture, okay? I'm a little old for a little pep talk from Joel. Especially from you. You wouldn't know the first thing about giving yourself to someone, about sharing your life with someone, sharing your pain with them. You wouldn't know the first thing about it.
    Joel: You think you're the only one shit happens to, huh?
    Denise: Yeah.
    Joel: Huh? Well, think again, kiddo. I've had my own share of disappointments in this secondary existence of a life I live. In my business I've been disappointed and, yeah, big surprise, in my big dumb heart, and it didn't come from playing it safe. [Denise laughs dismissively] You said yourself that the very thing Jay wanted was for you to make that record.
    Denise: Yeah.
    Joel: And if he hasn't let go of life, it's 'cause he's as disgusted as I am to see you sittin' here, feelin' sorry for yourself and givin' up!
    Denise: [enraged] Oh, you're fuckin' disgusted?
    Joel: That's right.
    Denise: You wouldn't even have a life if it wasn't for me!
    Joel: That's right!
    Denise: You're the one who's a fuckin' leech!
    Joel: I am a leech, that's right!
    Denise: Yeah, you are!
    Joel: That's why I'm here.
    Denise: [screaming] You wouldn't have a life if it wasn't for me!
    Joel: Oh, really?
    Denise: You live every fuckin' thing through me!
    Joel: So fuck you!
    Denise: Fuck me?
    Joel: Yeah, fuck you!
    [Denise starts hitting him while screaming at him]
    Denise: Then FUCK OFF! FUCK YOU!
    Joel: No, fuck you!
    Denise: NO, FUCK YOU!
    Joel: That's right, hit me! [Denise screams wordlessly] Go ahead! Go ahead!
    [Denise breaks down and Joel holds her]
    Denise: [weeping] I'm sad. And I'm alone. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

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