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Trivia / Ghost in the Shell: First Assault Online

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  • Role Reprise: The game managed to bring back the core actors of the Stand Alone Complex anime for both the English and Japanese dubs.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • In the Early Access phase, there was a greyed out icon on the main menu called "Case Files", suggesting at a possible story mode or player-vs-AI mode. No such feature ever made it past the drawing board.
    • Both the Japanese and Korean versions of the game had the ability to get into and drive the Tachikoma after you summoned it onto the field. This feature never made it to the US version.
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    • A Team Deathmatch map called "Military Dome", visually inspired by the testing grounds found at the start of episode 2 "Testation" from the series, and a Terminal Conquest map called "Castle" were tested out by the players in 2016, but both maps were deemed significantly unbalanced at certain points. They never made it into the game. Data mining revealed another map featuring multiple pathways that may have possibly been based around a shopping mall.

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