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  • Dueling Games: The very first SNES game with The Hybrid Front for the Genesis/Megadrive, another strategy game featuring very complex socio-political discussions. The main difference here is, while Front Mission features giant robots, The Hybrid Front used futuristic versions of modern military hardware (and spaceships at times). Also, Front Mission spawned an entire franchise, while The Hybrid Front only had one single game.
  • Fan Translation: Considering how many games were not released outside of Japan, the fans had to translate the following:
    • The SNES version of Front Mission 1st
    • Front Mission 2
    • Front Mission 5
    • Front Mission: Gun Hazard
    • A prototype patch was released for Front Mission: Alternative that translated the interface, but a full version was never completed.
  • No Export for You: 5 is universally considered THE best installment in the entire series. However, for no discernable reason, it didn't make it out of Japan, though the fact that it's so heavily reliant on the players knowing what happened in the previous stories could have been a major reason. Who wants to play a game where at best you only know half of the story? At worst, you might feel like you are just a bystander in the larger scheme of things until the last quarter of the game.
    • The franchise in general falls victim to this. Ironically, the series creators strongly believed Front Mission would be successful overseas, and tailored each Front Mission game to be as easy to adapt to English as possible, but the group finally gave up by the time of 5.
  • Sequel First: 3 was the series' debut outside of Japan.
  • The Wiki Rule: See here for the main series and here for the translation project.
  • What Could Have Been: A significant portion of Front Mission Evolved's story was cut from the final game. Additionally, a large number of planned features were never implemented such as online co-op for the campaign, the ability to freely board and disembark from wanzers, more environmental interactivity, and a more involved multiplayer mode.

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