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  • The final mission of 1st's USN campaign. Kevin and his buddies discover the dirty businesses Driscoll and Winger have been up to during the Second Huffman Conflict. The gang break free from the prison camp, pursue Winger, and fight an epic battle on Santa Barbara. They also blow three RAVENS into oblivion during the said battle.
  • The final mission of 2 is pretty awesome too. Ash and his gang have endured the terrible violence of a brutal civil war, arrive at OCU's secret factory, and manage to launch a rocket to shoot down FENRIR before it wipes Alordesh off the surface of earth. It sort of doubles as a heartwarming moment when you think of how much Ash cares about his home country.
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  • As expected from a franchise about wars and the badasses who survive them, the Front Mission series have a streak of making their final missions Crowning Moments of Awesome, such as the finale of Emma's campaign in 3. So, with Alisa having pulled off a Heroic Sacrifice, what should Kazuki and Emma do? They skydrop onto the USN assembly building, fight off the guards while the USN President does a cover-up speech for the MIDAS incident, and break into the scene in time to tell the truth to the whole world. If this isn't awesome, I don't know what is. On top of that, Kazuki delivers a well-deserved punch to Sasaki as Emma speaks in front of all the cameras.
  • 4, When Darril decides to give half of Diaz's gold to Luis so that the latter can use the money to rebuild his impoverished home country, at the last minute before the transport takes off. The scene also definitely counts as a moment of heartwarming. The implicit threat to return and take it back if Luis becomes as corrupt as Diaz is not as heartwarming, but still awesome.
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  • Continuing for 4. For a series that loves putting the player in charge of elite units of commandos and mercenaries, it makes it all the more impressive three deserters and a single platoon of freedom fighters smashed an elite Zaftran special ops battalion where the regular U.S.N. Army failed.
  • Although it can be attributed to Cutscene Power to the Max, the scene after Mission 7 of 5 is fairly spectacular. Glen, sporting the secret wanzer custom-made for him, single-handedly wipes the floor with Walter's platoon and their offscreen reinforcements. Then the cutscene turns into a Tear Jerker when he kills Randy.
  • Another awesome moment from 5: During the climax of the final arc, all seems lost. The Barghest has been split up, heavily outnumbered by Grimnir forces and facing defeat in detail. Then Lynn shows up just in time, leading the Strike Wyverns in a HALO drop right onto the enemy forces. As if that isn't spectacular enough, she is piloting Gracilis, one of the most advanced wanzers of the time. That thing has wings, and can FLY. A few cutscenes later, Lynn pulls off another awesome moment when she breaks into the reactor complex to save Walter and Outrun the Fireball.


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