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  • Accent Depundent: Early in the Light Fingers! ambition, the player character finds out that ravings they took for "Heifer star" actually refer to a woman named "Hephaesta". '-a'/'-ar' only sounds the same in non-rhotic accents, like the Cockney and RP the characters are presumably speaking.
  • Big Name Fan: The community has a couple of them, such as "Spacemarine9," who runs a lore blog and was responsible for the Ratmas incident, and "NiteBrite," whose claims to fame include being one of the few Hesperideans (and possibly the first to become one fair-and-square rather than through Bribing Your Way to Victory), picking the "this-will-destroy-your-character" option during Mr. Eaten's Name, and not having their character destroyed, and recently, becoming the proud owner of a Heptagoat.
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  • Contest Winner Cameo: Eight backers of the Tales of Fallen London: The Silver Tree spinoff game's Kickstarter have been written into Fallen London or The Silver Tree.
  • Dummied Out:
    • There's a "Closest To" trait that can be set to any of the game's factions — except Rubbery Men or the Masters, who are valid options for the trait but with no known method of choosing them. A method to become Closest To the Rubbery Men was provided in the second half of 2020 (in Helicon House, a very late game location), but Masters remains a mystery for now.
    • Once you get one of your four base stats to the Cap of 200, you can specialize your Person of Some Importance quality based on that stat. And there's a fifth specialization, making you essentially a Master of All, which was visible for a very long time before a method to obtain it was added to the game.
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  • Gender-Blender Name: The game's "Stop bugging me about my gender, already" option at character creation is due to Failbetter's founder, Alexis Kennedy, having grown up often being assumed to be female due to his name.
  • Post-Release Retitle: Fallen London was originally titled "Echo Bazaar". Developer Failbetter Games decided to change the name to coincide with making social network integration optional.
  • Promoted Fanboy: Maribeth Solomon, the composer for the music in Sunless Sea and the app forms of Fallen London, got the job from writing to Failbetter Games about making music for them, back when the game was in its infancy. It is worth noting that Solomon was far from a nobody even before this though, as her career in television scoring goes back some 30 years prior.
  • The Wiki Rule: There are at least two. The game even contains a little nod to them.
    At the corner of your vision, a Radical Factotum hisses, whips out a notebook, and desperately scribbles notes. He catches your eye. "For the Wicked Book," he offers. "Where we share knowledge."
    • Unfortunately, due to an agreement with Failbetter Games, neither wiki is permitted to post more than a certain amount of text from the games, or anything from the fate-locked storylets. They are allowed to post summaries of events, which can help with comprehending the more heavily-edited entries.

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