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Trivia / Defying Gravity

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  • Screwed by the Network: The show had been canceled and its sets destroyed before all the episodes had even been aired. That does not even consider that ABC had all summer to buy and advertise the show, but only purchased the show 3 weeks before the first episode aired. ABC knew they were going to buy the show. The creators knew they were going to buy the show. They still waited until three weeks before the launch, and barely advertised it. To quote the creator;
    ABC, I think, in their own way, were trying to kill it.
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  • What Could Have Been: It apparently fell victim to ABC internal politics, but it had been planned out for 5 seasons, sketched out in an interview with the showrunner. Among other things, Goss would side with them and be less of a dick after discovering a conspiracy on Earth whose objective was to have the ship collect the objects, then blow them and it up so the objects wouldn't disrupt the power structure.

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