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Headscratchers / Defying Gravity

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The Anti-Grav Phlebotinum

OK, so their suits have some magnetic nanite system that holds them to the floor. Fair enough. And their sleepwear must do something similar, despite not going below their knees. And, since giving them realistic crew-cuts would be unacceptable due to Rule of Sexy, they presumably use nano-conditioner to sort that out, as their hair hangs straight down even when they're floating around naked. As for why anything they're holding appears to weigh the same as it would on Earth until they let go of it... er, A Wizard Did It.
  • And it's just dawned on me how ironic this complaint is given the name of the show...
  • They explain it with nanite infused clothes using magnetic fields to simulate gravity, and they use this funny hairspray stuff for the hair.
  • Sleeping was shown in the first episode with the zip up sleeved thing. Zoey and Donner share a nightmare and are shown gtting unzipped from them.

FLT Communication?

How the hell are they still in real time communication to Earth? Even at the closest apex, surely there's a few seconds lag.
  • This Troper always figured on some sort of quantum entanglement-based communication system. Then again, he usually tries to defend show creators.
  • Could the lag just be edited out for pacing?
  • The creators specifically mentioned that they considered the crew sending messages to Earth and back, but decided it would mess up the pace they wanted. Although being able to send a signal from a spaceship to a cell phone is a little farfetched.
  • Fridge Brilliance: The method (whatever it is) is derived from the communication between Alpha and Beta as spotted by the radio astronomers on the show. The coversation there obviously lacked a time lag. So while the method is not explained, how it was discovered is.



So, Alpha doesn't like someone for an arbitrary reason and decides to kill them?
  • Based on the way Venus was handled, no. Alpha decided to push them and see if they'd risk staying in the storm. Thanks to Goss, the didn't which is why Alpha's still on Mars and people are dead.
  • The fractal objects also seem to want specific people to pick them up (and the trip to get the object is a test specific to that person), and will give people health problems in order to prevent them from retrieving a fractal object. On Mars, Sharon was having terrifying aural hallucinations and the other astronaut left behind developed angina. However, both mission control and the astronauts ignored this, therefore the mission was a failure. On the Antares mission, Beta gives Ajay and Rollie heart murmurs to pull them off the mission, and then later causes Paula's thumb wound to reopen to prevent her from steering the Venus lander. This time, the astronauts and mission control heed the warnings, and no one dies although Zoe gets severely burned


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