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Beta is part of a Lovecraftian horror which will destroy all once all the parts have been assembled.

Beta is a glowing green object that produces orange light.

Beta is an amorphous constantly changing blob.

Beta is made out of no element native to our universe and yet is "organic".

Beta requires human suffering to remain in this universe.

Beta is steadily driving those humans in close proximity to it insane.


Beta is mutating its victims on a subcellular level.

Lovecraftian horror, here we come.

  • Jossed by the creator, who laid out where he was taking the show after it was cancelled: Wass would realize you could put all of the fractal objects together, which would reset the universe and allow the Earth to reverse a series of bad choices, fixing the Crapsack World that the planet had become (as well as allowing the Antares crew to fix various mistakes they had made in their own lives


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