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  • Based on a Dream: Multiple instances of this. Thunder Perfect Mind arose out of a dream Tibet had in which he and Stapleton presented copies of a new album to each other with the shared title. Several other songs and albums have appeared out of visions Tibet has had, which are credited to various angels and daemons.
  • Production Posse: Several, the most famous comprising producer Steven Stapleton and guitarist Michael Cashmore. Other major players include Douglas P., Tony Wakeford, Joolie Wood, Rose McDowell, James Blackshaw, and Andrew Liles.
  • Throw It In!: Tibet broke down sobbing partway through recording the vocals of "The Bloodbells Chime," after struggling to keep his composition. This take was kept in, with an alternate vocal take playing over it.
    • Jhonn's one-liner in Where The Long Shadow Falls and The Long Shadow Falls was improvised.
  • Written-In Infirmity: The lyrics to "Bright Yellow Moon" came to Tibet during a hospital stay following a ruptured appendix.
    • The Great In The Small was an attempt to recreate aural hallucinations Tibet suffered during a near-death experience.

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