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Trivia / Cry Baby Lane

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  • Approval of God: Peter Lauer was touched and impressed about the internet's dedication to finding a simple movie he made for a children's network.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Still has yet to be released on any form of home media, but it has made re-appearances on TeenNick, which has made finding digital copies of the movie a lot easier.
  • Missing Episode: Until 2011. Since resurfacing, it's been shown a couple other times on TeenNick, once in 2013 then started to be aired once or twice yearly starting in 2015.
    • Fairly infamous example since someone used it for Creepypasta fodder, thus raising enough interest for someone to remember it was indeed a real movie and present an old recording.
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  • Old Shame: Nickelodeon regrets airing the film because of how overly dark it was.
  • Orwellian Editor: After the massive amounts of Moral Guardians deeming the movie as being too scary for kids on the initial airing. Nickelodeon denied any and all association with having created the film and stated that the movie airing was accidental. They would continue to deny its existence for years until the movie resurfaced online 11 years later. Once it became known the film did exist and had aired on Nickelodeon, they went on to deny that they had ever said they did not make the movie or that the movie never existed.
  • Truth in Television: You know all those creepypastas about supposed shows/movies that only ever aired once because they were supposedly so scary they had bad side effects on those who watched it, or parents quickly called in to complain about it negatively affecting their child? This movie proves that such a thing really can be this trope!
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  • Unintentional Period Piece: During the chase scene Andrew finds out that Kenneth does not know where Cry Baby Lane is. To an audience accustomed to having Google Maps readily available on their phones, this can be jarring.
  • What Could Have Been: Director Peter Lauer originally wanted Tom Waits to play the role of Mr. Bennett, but Nickelodeon insisted on Frank Langella in hopes that the movie would garner extra publicity.


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