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Trivia / Chameleon Twist

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  • Difficulty by Region:
    • The NTSC versions of the first game had many rooms changed to be easier. In addition, in the unlockable Boss Rush mode, the bosses were faster in the Japanese version, while they're the same as their original fights in the international version. That said, in the Japanese version, the White Rabbit appears before bosses and gives you hints on how to beat them. He's not there in the international version, making them harder there.
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    • The international version of the sequel added several instances of Fake Difficulty and Fake Longevity, such as the bosses having bloated health.
  • Regional Bonus: The Japanese version of the game has significantly more features than the NTSC version. In the Japanese version, the multiplayer power-ups were found in the main story, there were hidden carrots that unlocked secret mini-games, there was a Bonus Boss fight against another chameleon, and there were unlockable black and white chameleons.

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