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  • Approval of God: David Tennant described their stuff as "proper good music" when asked about it on the radio. Since then, Charlie has appeared on Doctor Who Confidential a few times.
  • Artist Disillusionment: The band weren't as happy with Season 7 of the revived series, which made them feel less creatively-inclined. This is one reason why the band split up.
  • Role-Ending Misdemeanor:
    • Alex Day was at one point one of the most popular British Youtubers, with 1.1 million subscribers at his peak in January 2014 and a reputation for being a very talented musician that was capable of managing and marketing his work without any record company backing him. Shortly after he reached his peak, a few fans came forward with claims of sexual abuse and manipulation. More people (a few of whom were underage) came forward shortly after that with their own horror stories. Day eventually admitted to being emotionally manipulative (to this day he denies having relations with underage fans or having actually raped anyone, although Youtuber Beckii Cruel says that his interactions with her during her teenage years were at best inappropriate) and the community at large began ditching him, with his band breaking up in part because of his actions, his one-time best friends Charlie McDonnell and Liam Dryden publicly ending their friendship with him, and the publisher for his first book dropping him weeks before his release was due. DFTBA Records also dropped him from their label, allegedly at his request. Since the revelations came to light and his badly thought-through attempts to explain backfired, he didn't upload a video for months, his subscriber numbers have dropped relatively sharply and his social media accounts were mostly wiped clean. As of October 2014, Day appears to be trying to make a comeback, uploading videos again and trying to sell his book independently. Some of his fans have been won over by his explanation and he has managed to sell some copies, but many other users of the site, including an overwhelming number of his former friends and victims, have not forgiven him and his subscriber count has decreased rapidly, to the point that he's now gone below 1 million subscribers and is now projected to lose half his current subs within the next few years. He has since announced his plan to retire the "nerimon" channel and start on a new channel, which is not doing as well.
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    • Edd Blann was technically exposed in August 2013, although it took a while for all of the accusations to come to the public eye. The allegations in question were also of sexual and domestic abuse, in which his now ex-girlfriend claims Blann forced himself on her repeatedly and then hit her when she called him out on his behaviour. This caused DFTBA to publicly drop him and fellow band members Charlie and Liam to publicly sever ties with him. While Blann wrote a song to try and essentially admit that he had his flaws, it only rallied the community against him, particularly after it became clear that he had been deleting both criticism and the comments of one of his victims. The comment in question? Her begging him not to return, since it was actually making her efforts to recover much more difficult. Since then, his efforts to return (generally in the form of "Trock" videos) have been met with general hostility and his Twitter was at one point made private, though it has since returned to normal. He claimed in a post in February 2015 that the allegations were false and that the police had been investigating him (later dropping charges), but the community at large does not seem to believe him on that last part.
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  • Troubled Production: They had something of a bad luck stream with producers for both their albums. The first time their producer outright left them, and despite their earnest attempts they couldn't find a new one who had the proper equipment to play the tapes with their half-finished songs. Eventually they gave up and released the album uncompleted. The second time, they found a much better producer and all seemed to be going well... until he got stuck in France. However, thanks to a donation by Red Bull, they were able to arrange for the album to be finished in France and got to release the final product exactly how they wanted it.
  • What Could Have Been: Their first album would have been a little longer, but owing to Troubled Production it was released unfinished.