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  • Approval of God: The developers of Beam NG have voiced their approval for the series, despite not intending for the game to ever be used in this way.
  • Promoted Fanboy: Not only are both of the title cards fanmade, but a particularly emotional Fan Animation by Annue on YouTube showing Busto 1.0's final fate after being ejected from VR City, and ultimately the reality of Car Boys was added to the official Car Boys playlist as an epilogue to that episode. Check it out here (spoilers for Episode 27). It also overlaps with Approval of God, as the current pinned comment on the video is from Polygon, stating "this is canon".
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  • Role-Ending Misdemeanor: Nick was fired from Polygon when numerous accusations of unwanted sexual advances came to light.
  • Star-Derailing Role: To Griffin, although not in a strictly negative way. Griffin and Nick's public personas as generally kind, non-threatening male figures earned them labels like "soft boys" and "purest boys", which this series embraced right in the title. After it was revealed that Nick was using his reputation to solicit naked pictures from his followers, fans have stopped infantilizing Griffin so strongly, realizing the dangers of treating real people as sacred cows. He doesn't seem to mind, as he's made it clear the safety of the victims is a lot more important than any personal branding.

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