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Moments sure to note drive you to hysterics.

  • In the first episode, Griffin claims to have bought the first ingame car with his "lawnmower money." At the end of the episode, we get this line:
  • During their initial tamperings with Busto 2.0 they are force reset due to Busto glitching out too badly, only for a D15 in the background to get shredded to pieces and fly through the sky like a series of meteors the second Nick un-pauses the game. The sheer amount of corpsing alone makes this moment.
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  • From "A Tale of Two Bustos," the rampant insanity that results from Nick and Griffin messing with the Two Busto 2.0 specimens that got fused together in a strange mating dance, starting with the two sliding off to a little secret Bone Zone (cheerfully scored with a snippet of Vanessa Carlton's "A Thousand Miles" and a gleeful proclamation of "Follow that Men!") and ending with Nick's attempts at separating them turning the Bustos into, as Griffin puts it, a "dude ocean."
    Griffin: Uhhh! Nick Nick NICK NICK NICK! (both start Corpsing as the screen is flooded with flashing polygons) I'm detecting a bit of instability here-
    Nick: What do you mean? What do you mean, everything's great!
    Griffin: What the fuck!?
    Nick: Mmm, I love this racing game! Love to drive a car! Love to have a good time... inside a polygon...
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  • The times they've actually crashed the game itself despite the game's instability detection. Episode 18 ends trying to feed Busto 1.0 and the Blue Bird school bus into a crusher with Sun-level gravity.
    Nick: Oh my God! It's just deflating [the crusher teeth]!
    Griffin: Ohohohohoh my God!~ Eat that fucking bus!
    Griffin: No! [both dissolve into laughter]
    Griffin: We just [laughter] we fucking dreamed a little bit too big, my friend.
    Nick: Yeah...
  • Everything involving the Planet Class Locomotive from Episode 21, from it's horrible atonal beeping, the way it proves just as susceptible to Alien Geometries as Busto 2.0 himself, and the way the steam pipe wiggles around when being acted upon up until those forces turn it into a jagged angle.
    Griffin: It's looking for nutrients! *slurping noises as he and Nick dissolve into laughter*
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  • From Episode 24, the two decide to climb to the top of a tower on the "Better Gridmap" map and decide to launch a 200BX off the top by driving it into an oncoming sledgehammer. Upon viewing the scene from the ground, it turns out that the car gets far more God-Trashed then they initially thought.
    Griffin: Just, a hundred more times that, please!
  • In Episode 25, Nick and Griffin's messing around with twin sledgehammers leads them to spawning a plane and pitting them against the hammers. The resulting humiliation of the plane, compared to a Crucifixion by the boys, has to be seen to be believed.
    • This moment is so iconic that in subsequent episodes, it's become the centrepiece of the opening title sequence.
    • At the very end, Nick slams the plane into the ground and Griffin asks to edit in the "LANDING FAILURE" text and ditty that plays in the original Pilotwings and it's quite humorous.

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