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Trivia / Angel S 05 E 11 Damage

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  • Completely Different Title:
    • Czech: "Následky" (Aftermath)
    • Finnish: "Vampyyrintappaja" (The Vampire Slayer)
    • French: "Folle" (Crazy)
    • German: "Die Auserwählte" (The Chosen One)
    • Hungarian: "Ámokfutó vámpírvadász"
    • Italian: "Il Danno" (The Damage)
    • Japanese: "傷" (Wound)
    • Portuguese (Brazil): "Sofrimento" (Suffering)
    • Russian: "Травма" (Trauma)
    • Spanish (Latin America): "Daños" (Damages)
    • Spanish (Spain): "Tocado" (Touched)
  • Written-In Infirmity: In the scene where Angel, Gunn, and Wesley are walking across the foyer at Wolfram and Hart David Boreanaz can be seen walking with a limp. This is probably due to the knee surgery that was kept him immobile in the previous episode.


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