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Trivia / Abysmal Dawn

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  • Attention Deficit Creator Disorder: A minor case with Scott Fuller when he was in the band, as he also plays in Annihilated, Incinerated Divinity, and Monte Pittman's backing band, in addition to being the mainman of Plaguereaper (where he plays all the instruments) and working as a producer and engineer.
  • Big Name Fan: Fred Armisen became a fan and caught one of their shows after a chance meeting with him in an airport while both parties were en route to Santiago in late 2018.
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  • Development Hell: The fifth full-length is heading into this territory, as it has taken the band almost a year to track the album due to a staggered schedule, and they didn't even start tracking it until the end of 2017, over three years after the release of Obsolescence; furthermore, while the drums and rhythm guitars were done by the end of that year, the leads weren't tracked until 2019, and Charles still didn't have any lyrics written well into the spring of 2019. It was originally slated for a 2018 release, which got pushed back to 2019, and as per Charles, it realistically won't be on the label's desk before June of 2019; while he is desperately trying to squeeze in a fall 2019 release, he acknowledged that there is a very real possibility that it may not be out until early 2020 if Season of Mist's fall schedule is stacked.

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