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Trivia / A World of Laughter, a World of Tears

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  • Fan Nickname: "Nachos" for statichaos, thanks to the way brains parse portmanteau words.
  • Dated History: A fairly minor example: A candid interview with Orson Welles that was only recently published revealed that he actually hated Charlie Chaplin, which conflicts a bit with one of the pivotal scenes of his story arc.
  • Throw It In!: Statichaos has a tendency to work in any historical figure he comes across. The rise of George Rockwell, by his own admission, came about after he read a biography of the man.
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  • Word of God: Statichaos has, at the request of other posters, announced where various celebrities who don't factor into the story are in this timeline. James Dean, for example, is stuck as the JD heavy in two-bit pictures, Natalie Wood is an ingenue for Disney, and Sal Mineo is in jail on sexual deviancy charges.


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