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Timeline / Kara no Kyoukai

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Because of the Anachronic Order of Kara no Kyoukai chapters/movies, it can be nontrivial to piece together a concise chronology of the story events.

Major unmarked SPOILERS ahead, obviously.


March: Mikiya meets Shiki (actually, her third personality) on the street for the first time. (Murder Speculation Pt. 1)

April: Mikiya and Shiki enter the same high school and bond with each other. (MSp1)

July: Lio Shirazumi is spurned by Shiki, accidentally kills a person, and has his origin awakened by Araya. (Murder Speculation Pt. 2)


September: Lio embarks on a murder spree, implicating Shiki in his crimes. (MSp1)


January: SHIKI visits the Mother of Mifune, who foretells his impending death. (Mirai Fukuin preface)

February: Shiki attempts to commit suicide, but SHIKI dies in her place, leaving her in a coma. (MSp1)


March: Mikiya graduates from school and enters university. (Hollow Shrine)

May: Mikiya visits Touko's doll gallery, quits university, and starts working at her detective agency. (HS)

June: Shiki awakens from her coma and, after recovering, starts working for Touko, as well. (HS)

July: Fujino Asagami's powers awaken. Shiki loses her left arm fighting her. (Remaining Sense of Pain)

August: Shiki faces off against "Meruka Kuramitsu", destroying his precognitive ability. Mikiya receives a premonition about his death from Shizune Seo. (Möbius Ring) Later on, Mikiya asks Shiki to take care of a cat for him for a while. (Mirai Fukuin: Feline).

September: Kirie Fujou causes several suicides, is defeated by Shiki, and commits suicide herself. (Overlooking View)


October: Ririsu Miyazuki contemplates suicide but is scared out of it by Fujino. (Mirai Fukuin: Daylight) Tomoe Enjo kills his parents and hides in Shiki's apartment. (Paradox Spiral)

November: Shiki, Tomoe, Mikiya, and Touko face off against Souren Araya and Cornelius Alba, killing both of them. (PS)

December: Shiki and Mikiya visit a temple on New Year's Eve. (Mirai Fukuin: Say Grace)


January: Shiki and Azaka root out the master of the fairies at Reien Girl's Academy, Satsuki Kurogiri. (Oblivion Recorder)

February: Lio Shirazumi starts killing again, but is stopped by Mikiya and Shiki. (MSp2)

March: Mikiya meets Shiki's third personality once more and talks with her. (Boundary of Emptiness)



August: Mitsuru Kamekura becomes employed by the Ryougi Group. (Möbius Link)


August: Mitsuru Kamekura and Mana Ryougi visit the Mother of Mifune. (Möbius Link)