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Timeline / Hulk

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Beware of unmarked spoilers

    20th Century 


  • Dr. David Banner has been researching what types of animals can go beyond the limitations set by God. In 1966, he was denied permission to experiment on people. As a result, David experimented on himself.
  • Bruce Banner was born in 1968.


  • In 1972, David Banner argued with his wife, Edith and planned to kill Bruce after he set off the Gamma explosion. However, he accidentally killed Edith. David was put into prison for thirty years. Bruce became adopted by Mrs. Krenzler.


  • In 1986, Bruce attended Taft University.

    21st Century 


  • In 2002, David Banner was released from prison.
  • In 2003, Bruce was believed to be dead but arrived to South America to help people there and continue his research.

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