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Timeline / FTL: Kestrel Adventures

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An official timeline of events prior to the Series. There will be unmarked spoilers.


  • SAI-1 achieves self-realization within the computer networks of Hadron Electronics on Kaban.


  • SAI-1 makes first contact with Adrian Romero through his computer terminal.


  • The Mantis/Federation war begins.


  • The Federal Investment into Science and Technology (FIST) director Howard Johnson recommends the termination of the SAI-1 project.
  • Federation generals Peter Tiedrich and Otto Pavalo sign the projectís termination.
  • SAI-1 kills its discoverer Adrian Romero and fakes its own termination.


  • Hadron Electronics goes out of business.


  • Former FIST director Howard Johnson dies in a freak shuttle accident.


  • Otto Pavalo is lashed and held in military prison for destroying Mt. 237 holding Engi prisoners on Typhen.


  • General Peter Tiedrich survives a Mantis kamikaze attack and receives cybernetic surgery.
  • Mantis/Federation war ends with no clear winner.
  • Peter Tiedrich calls for complete human domination of the galaxy during a Federation assembly on Earth and is discharged from service.


  • Otto Pavalo is released, demoted, and reassigned to Salvage Fleet Gamma.
  • General Jane Tully is promoted to Admiral of the Federation space forces.


  • Tiedrich reappears on Kaban alongside former generals Darwin Black and Novak II to form the Rebellion.
  • Ricardo Sandoval is born.


  • Jose Sandoval is born.


  • Darwin Black and Novak II heist decommissioned Federation vessels.


  • Linda Sandoval leaves her family and joins the Rebellion.


  • Jericho Sandoval dies in a test of the Artillery Beam for the Federation Cruiser.
  • Darwin Black leads the Rebellionís first strike at the Summer Stretch and is "killed" in victory.
  • The Federation Civil War begins.


  • Ricardo Sandoval joins the Federation space forces.


  • Jose Sandoval joins the Federation space forces.


  • Galactic Federation leaders are moved to a secret base after a Rebel bombing on Earth.


  • Present year.
  • The Federation ships attempting to destroy the Flagship are destroyed due to the assistance of other Rebel crafts.
  • The crews attempting to bring intel to the Last Stand died with the last one in Sector 0.
  • Novak II's Rebel fleet clashes Admiral Tully's fleet and General Turzil's fleet in Sector 8 known as the Last Stand.
  • The Rebel fleet bombards the colony where Charlie ends up in with the Zoltan fleet leaving without helping the doomed population.
  • Pirates board and massacre the research station in the exit beacon of Sector 1, leaving a few survivors.