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A list of major and supporting characters in FTL Kestrel Adventures. There will be unmarked spoilers for Episodes 18-21.

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    Kestrel Crew 

Jose Sandoval

Actor: Andrew Colunga

One of the two protagonists of the show, Jose is the pilot of the Kestrel, and Ricardo's younger brother.
  • Been There, Shaped History: Jose and Ricardo are the reason that everyone, including the Rebels, trade with scrap metal instead of Federation currency.
  • Fourth Wall Psych: Jose turns toward the camera and says "And don't you mention this to anybody!" The camera then switches to reveal that he was talking to Cremity.
  • Luke, I Am Your Father: Jose is the son of Linda Sandoval, the General in command of the Rebel Fleet at Kaban.
  • Publicly Discussing the Secret: Shouts out the Kestrel's mission during Episode 1.
  • Team Pet: Francis the snake, whom Jose befriends while imprisoned in the Rebel base.
  • The Tape Knew You Would Say That: Jose is chewed out by a Pirate repair crew's 'Automated Message' for not having any scrap.

Ricardo Sandoval

Actor: Cesar Olivares

One of the two protagonists of the show, Ricardo is the captain/engineer of the Kestrel, and Jose's older brother.
  • Been There, Shaped History: Jose and Ricardo are the reason that everyone, including the Rebels, trade with scrap metal instead of Federation currency.
  • Big Brother Instinct: Ricardo towards Jose.
  • Luke, I Am Your Father: Ricardo is the son of Linda Sandoval, the General in command of the Rebel Fleet at Kaban.
  • Vader Breath: Parodied at the beginning of the show.
    Ricardo: Everyone breathes heavily in space.

Otto Pavalo

Actor: Andrew Colunga

The weapons officer of the Kestrel, Pavalo is a court-martialed Federation general, who has been assigned to Salvage Fleet Gamma. Until now...
  • Great Offscreen War: Pavalo was a general during the Mantis-Federation War, which is only ever shown once.
  • Reassigned to Antarctica: Pavalo was discharged from service for something he did during the Mantis-Federation War.


Actor: Anthony Colunga

One of the Kestrel's crew, Sambo was rescued from pirates by the Kestrel.


Actor: Adam Colunga

An Engi rescued from a crash site caused a Mantis Boarding Party. They are now the shield operator of the Kestrel.
  • Mechanical Lifeforms: Being an Engi, they are this.
  • You See, I'm Dying: As revealed in episode 31, their nanite cell structure is breaking down, and they either risk dying entirely, or losing themselves mentally to the Engi collective to fix the damage.


Actor: Andrew Colunga

A Rockman who was rescued by the Kestrel crew after his home city was destroyed by the Rebellion. Part of the Kestrel's Boarding crew.


Actor: Cesar Olivares

A slightly depressed scientist rescued from the attacked NIANDER I research station. He usually stands in the weapons room with Pavalo.
  • Chekhov's Gun: The Fire Bomb the the crew found in Episode 17 became useful when he blew up Darjee during the escape from Kaban.
    • To some extent, Cremity is also one, as he suddenly becomes useful during this time.
  • Trauma Button: As shown in episodes 22 and 23, Cremity has PTSD from the attack on NIANDER I.


Actor: Adam Colunga

A Mantis unintentionally freed from a slave ship by the Kestrel crew, doesn't know he's a Mantis until Episode 13. Part of the Kestrel's Boarding Crew.


     The Galactic Federation 
The Galactic Federation is a collective to unite all the races of the universe. Sadly, it has suffered much at the hands of The Rebellion.
  • The Federation: It literally IS this trope, even down to the name.
  • Vestigial Empire: While the Federation used to control most of the galaxy, is now only semi-controls a single sector.

Admiral Jane Tully

Actor: 'Adoxographist'

The Fleet Admiral of the Galactic Federation, Jane Tully resides in the last Federation base in Sector 8, along with General Turzil and is the divorced wife of Pavalo.
  • Mysterious Past: Much of her past, especially concerning Pavalo, is unknown.
  • Narrator: During the intro of the movie version for the first 21 episodes of the series.

General Turzil

Actor: Adam Colunga

General Turzil of the Engi Brigade is a general working for the Federation. He resides in the last Federation base, with Admiral Tully.

Agent Morocco

Actor: Marilyn Sparks

Agent Morocco is an agent from Federation Intelligence. Jose encounters her during Episode 5, where she explains that 13 other crews have died trying to deliver the information about the Rebel Flagship.

     The Rebellion 

A group of Human-Supremacist humans, rebelling against The Galactic Federation.
"Manu Firma Et Karisma"note 


  • The Coup: The Rebels now control the whole galaxy, except for Sector 8.
  • Fantastic Racism: The whole point of the Rebellion is to establish a Human-ruled galaxy.

General Peter Tiedrich

Actor: Andrew Colunga

Tiedrich is a Rebel General, in command of the massive Rear Rebel Fleet. He was a friend of Pavalo and Tully during the Mantis-Federation War, but all of that changed when he got his bionic eye, and started the Rebellion...
  • Cybernetics Eat Your Soul: After losing his right eye in a cruiser accident, Tiedrich had a bionic eye installed, which led to him addressing the Federation that he will not stand by their 'ideals', as he was now controlled by SAI-1, who has formed the Rebellion using Tiedrich's influence.
  • The Dragon: Despite officially being the same rank as Novak, Nilis/Dag Key, and Blackbird, he is the leader of the Rebellion.
    • Not really. SAI-1, the AI that is mind-controlling him through Tiedrich's bionic eye, is the true leader of the Rebellion.
  • And I Must Scream: Tiedrich has been under mind control by SAI-1 for over two DECADES, with no memory of this. Even worse when you realize that in one scene, his eye malfunctions, and he is temporarily released from his mind control, horribly confused. Suddenly, his bionic eye then re-activates, and the picture of Tiedrich is then interpolated by flashes of both SAI-1's robotic 'brain' and the Rebel Flagship.

General Novak II

The Rebel General in charge of the Rebel fleet currently engaged with the Federation at The Last Stand.
  • The Quiet One: We have never heard him speak, yet.
    • Although Darjee has stated that Novak II was speaking to Blackbird and Tiedrich off-camera.

General Linda 'Blackbird' Sandoval

Actor: Molly Cushing

The former General of the Kaban Rebel Fleet, General Sandoval is also the mother of Jose and Ricardo. While she left to "build a better galaxy", she ends up condemning her actions, and betraying the Rebellion.
  • Code Name: The Blackbird
  • The Coup: While handcuffed aboard Key's cruiser for sabotage, she stages a coup and steals a small portion of the Kaban Fleet.
  • Parental Abandonment: General Sandoval abandoned Jose and Ricardo when they were 7 and 8, respectively,
in order to join the Rebellion.


Actor: 'Jam'

A high ranking Rebel officer, who works as a recruiter along with General Dag Key. She also works as a sniper.
  • Killed Off for Real: Darjee is Fire Bombed by Cremity before she can kill Pavalo.
  • Oh, Crap!: Her last words.
  • Pre-Mortem One-Liner: "You should save yourself, old man!"
    • Inverted, as she gets killed by a Fire Bomb set by Cremity right before she can fire.
      • Played Straight in a sense, as it is before HER death.

     Minor Characters 

Don Deroceras

Actor: Andrew Colunga

Don Deroceras is a mysterious Slug merchant/con artist, who strikes a deal with Pavalo and the Kestrel crew to smuggle the ship and its crew down to the surface of Kaban, past the massive Rebel fleet in orbit.


The Engi Collective

The faction of the Engis, the Engi Collective is 'neutral' to the Rebellion and The Federation, but in secret is aiding the latter, such that they are developing the Stealth Cruiser, and have stationed General Turzil in the last Federation base, to assist Admiral Tully.

     Spoiler Characters 

SAI-1 (Simon)

Actor: 'A.B.C.'

SAI-1 is a sentient AI found by Adrian Romero, and was transfered into a massive computer rig for an (now abandoned) Federation project. It killed its "father" after he tried to shut him down and has formed the Rebellion by controlling General Tiedrich via his bionic eye.
  • Big Bad: SAI-1 is the mastermind of the Rebellion, and is also controlling Tiedrich. This is also why the Rebel Flagship is so important; if the Flagship were destroyed, SAI-1 would also be, and Tiedrich would drop out of mind-control. Being an ex-Federation General, whose real personality supports The Federation, he would swiftly end the Rebellion.


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