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Tearjerker / Misao

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  • Misao being so horribly bullied in life and then dying such a brutal and tragic death is sure to moisten a few eyes at least.
    • The way Mr. Sohta was also abused by his school bullies goes a long way towards explaining how he ended up such a psychopath.
    • Sohta's reaction to finding out Takano only decided to be friends with him out of pity after he told her he loved her. If one can imagine what would have happened if she had just been friends with him because of who he really is, he wouldn't have lost his mind and the events of the game would have never happened.
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  • Kudoh's death is particularly sad to watch; he admits it was in part his fault if Misao ended up dead, and makes an Anguished Declaration of Love... only for Misao to appear and coldy reject it, before brutally murdering him like the rest.


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