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Tearjerker / Dragon Quest Builders 2

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  • The death of Pastor Al at the hands of the Primate. Right as he vows to become a builder and promises to do all he can to protect you from the Children of Hargon.
  • N04H's death after helping you fight the shadow monsters in Malhalla. It hits particularly hard as you had been able to fix him every time he broke down before then. For extra punch, you're forced to hit him with your hammer to obtain his heart for The Buggy Buggy.
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  • After you and Malroth finally escape Hargon's forces in Skelkatraz you come back home to find Lulu waiting at the dock sleeping on a hay bed. Why is she there? As the other villagers explain later, she has been waiting for you day and night, even sleeping at the dock ever since you left the island, refusing to move until you come back safe. No matter how many times you three argue, you're all the family she has left.
  • Goldirox's Heroic Sacrifice to save the mine he even makes Babs promise to follow her dream to become a builder.

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