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Tear Jerker / Black Mirror Series Two

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"It's not fair..."

  • Be Right Back
    • Martha abruptly losing her partner. On top of that, she finds out she's pregnant.
    • Due to the stress, Martha, after initially angrily rejecting it, decides to utilize the virtual service just to feel like she's talking to Ash again, which delays her bereavement process and ends in her getting a clone that matches Ash. However, its inability to understand inside jokes and memories that she and the real Ash shared undercut the experience and remind her of her loss, but she's unable to destroy or return the clone, and ends up stowing him away.
    • If you believe that the artificial Ash has emotions, then his ultimate fate is very sad. From his point of view, he is unable to satisfy his loved one (the one thing he was programmed to do), and if that wasn't enough, add that he's all but stated to have spent years in the attic, alone.

  • White Bear
    • Seeing Jemima's real parents on the news crying as they plead for the safe return of their daughter.
    • Victoria's sobs during The Reveal. Though it does depend on how you view Victoria after it's revealed that she helped to kidnap and film the murder of a little girl, and if she really is indeed remorseful for it all. Then again, the fact that she may never get a chance to come to terms with her sin...

  • The Waldo Moment
    • Jamie is given flak for everything Waldo does, but he doesn't have any choice in the matter. If he refused to do anything, he'd be fired and lose the rights to his original character.
    • Jamie has a breakdown after being publicly humiliated in front of everyone, and his tirade and anger is only greeted with laughter. He pours his heart and soul into his speech, on the verge of tears and venting out his frustrations, and no one takes him seriously. He's a big joke to everyone and he can't do anything about it.


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