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Tear Jerker / Black Mirror Series Four

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"Monkey needs a hug."

  • USS Callister
    • Digital Walton's tragic revelation of how Daly broke him: he was forced to watch the death of his six-year-old son, whom Daly had copied into the game, then shoved out an air-lock. The reason he seems so gung-ho about playing the coward to Daly's hero in Infinity is out of fear that Daly will do so again, in increasingly sadistic ways.
    • Daly's ultimate fate. He's brain-dead in the real world while his mind is trapped inside the game he made with no way out. And since this happens around Christmas time and since his front door is locked, it looks like he won't be noticed for days. Sure, he was a massive jerk, but even still, that's pretty hellish.
    • Imagine poor Nanette's reaction to hearing of Daly's death. She clearly idolized the man and was nothing but nice and sweet to him. Not to mention the fact that she had a hand in it due to calling a pizza to be delivered to him on her cellphone and leaving her fingerprints behind when stealing the digital crews' DNA samples in Daly's room which will make her suspicious to the police. Also, her photos will probably be left for other people to use as blackmail. Poor girl will be an utter wreck.

  • Arkangel
    • Seeing an injured and bloodied Marie screaming and sobbing for her daughter Sara after she runs away is hard to watch. Sure, she largely brought it on herself with her controlling ways and overprotectiveness, but it's hard not to feel sorry for her.
    • Even before, there is her painful beating by her daughter. Marie desperately tries to explain her recent actions, but understandably, Sara only ends up getting angrier, culminating in Sara slamming the tablet into her mother's face repeatedly.
    • While Marie is in the street screaming for Sara, there are several flashes of Sara throughout the years, from a baby to a toddler to a child and then finally as a teenager saying "I love you." Again, what Marie did to Sara was horrible and abusive, but she did truly love Sara and considered her the most important thing in her life.
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    • It's also hard not to feel sorry for Trick when Marie understandably yet furiously orders him to stay away from Sara lest she decides to show the police videos she has on Arkangel of him doing cocaine and having sex with Sara (which while it was consensual, Sara was underage). Poor dude looks utterly terrified at this point.
    • Sara finding out that her mother forced an abortion on her, on top of spying on her personal life in general, is also hard to watch. Sara does love her mother, but she's been betrayed and humiliated by her only family, and she can't forgive that. She tries to turn off the Arkangel device herself, and becomes more and more panicked when she can't, only seeing her own view of it like an infinity mirror.

  • Crocodile
    • Mia is so desperate to keep her successful career and happy family life with her son... that she ends up murdering not only her old boyfriend but also an entire family, including a baby boy. And in the end it turns out the infant's murder was pointless, since he was born blind.
    • The lead up to Mia murdering Shazia is this in spades. As Mia realizes that she has seen too much and will go to the police if she releases her, Shazia does everything in her power to save herself, even lying by saying she wouldn’t be able to tell authorities what she saw even if she wanted to, and when she can’t do that, she tries to protect her husband, only for Mia to use the recall device on her. In the end, all Shazia can do is pray as Mia bashes her head in with a log.
    • Also, Mia's actions as a whole end up being pointless thanks to her overlooking the guinea pig, and she is arrested at her son's play no less. While you can't exactly feel sorry for Mia you can sympathize with her husband and son, who were good people and will now have to deal with this.

  • The collateral damage that Rolo Haynes ended up causing in Black Museum.
    • First off, Dr. Dawson, who ends up becoming a pain junkie thanks to Rolo's tech, destroying the man's career as a doctor, losing his girlfriend and driving him to become a sadist and a murderer and eventually rot in a hospital in a persistent vegetative state. The tragedy was that the technology had allowed him to save people's lives.
    • Rolo using pre-cookie technology on a couple that leads the wife, Carrie, to end up in a stuffed monkey that can only say two phrases and eventually get thrown out and displayed as an exhibit in Rolo's museum. Thanks to the law, she can't even be put out of her misery by deletion. Nor does Rolo make any effort to move her to a better vessel, which would be extremely easy to do.
    • After getting fired for that last fiasco, Rolo ends up purchasing Clayton Leigh's consciousness, a (wrongfully) convicted murderer on death row, with the money going to his family to help keep them afloat. However, Rolo never explains to Clayton exactly what he was planning to do with him. Clayton's fate is to be the crowning exhibit of his Black Museum and be electrocuted by Rolo's museum patrons over and over again leaving patrons with a little living copy of Clayton in agony.
    • Eventually, thanks to efforts by Clayton's wife to clear her husband's name, patronship drops. Unfortunately, it only made things worse for Clayton. The only audience left were sadists and closeted racists who reveled in watching Clayton's consciousness suffer. Eventually, it leaves him an empty shell. "A Docile Animal" as his wife said.
    • It then gets even worse when Clayton's wife eventually comes to visit him. While she had hope during her fight to clear her husband's name, seeing him as an empty shell utterly broke her and drove her to suicide. Her daughter is one who ends up finding her.
    • Nish is clearly teetering between heartbreak and anger toward Rolo as she tells her side of the story, filling in details that Rolo left out or lied about, being the only one in her family left alive (as in not uploaded or dead) to pick up the pieces.
      • Fortunately things perk up considerably as Clayton's daughter, Nish, takes revenge on Rolo. Throughout the episode, she plays him like a fiddle. She poisons him, gives him a beautiful "The Reason You Suck" Speech, transfers his consciousness inside Clayton's (like Rolo had done with Carrie) and throws the simulated switch one last time, which ends Clayton's suffering and traps Rolo's mind inside the same trinket that other patrons had taken, leaving him in agonizing pain forever. She even rescues Carrie from the museum and managed to save her mother, with her living inside her mind and proud of her daughter's actions. As they leave, the museum burns to the ground.


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