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Tear Jerker / Black Mirror Series One

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A rather deserved Thousand-Yard Stare.

  • The National Anthem
    • Callow's horror and distress at the realization that he'll have to go through with the kidnapper's demands and his trauma throughout and after the event. For a premise that sounds darkly comical, it turns just plain dark pretty quickly.
    • The final scene shows Callow and his wife returning home after making a public appearance and she immediately gets cold, turning away from him when he tries to talk to her. The princess may be safe and Callow's even gotten a boost in his approval ratings, but it's clear his marital life is irreparably destroyed. Bittersweet Ending indeed.
    • Related to the above, there's the fact that his wife most likely blames her husband for something that was out of his control and shows no sympathy for his well-being despite the fact that he was pretty much a victim of rape.

  • Fifteen Million Merits
    • Abi's fate, and her nasty treatment at the hands of the judges prior to it.
    • Bing smashing his screens and breaking down into tears after seeing Abi in a porn commercial.
    • Bing's impassioned rant against the shallow and superficial system that's taken everything good from him, and the fact that in the end, he becomes a sell-out too (albeit in a The Man Is Sticking It to the Man kind of way).

  • The Entire History of You
    • Liam finds out that Ffion really did cheat on him and his child might not even be his. He kicks both of them out of the house and wanders around the empty house, replaying happy memories of them all together, before sloppily cutting out his own grain, as memories of Ffion literally flash before his eyes.


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