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Tear Jerker / Voices of a Distant Star

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Despite being a 25-minute standalone OVA written and animated by a single person, Voices of a Distant Star has several moments that tug at the heartstrings.

  • Mikako breaks down in tears during a hallucination and pleads with her doppelganger to let her declare her love for Noboru.
  • Noboru, in high school, gives up on waiting for messages from Mikako after a year and a half of silence. Then the message she sent before evacuating from Pluto finally reaches him, explaining that she's now eight lightyears away.
    Noboru: Since middle school, we probably only saw each other... But a distance that takes eight years at the speed of light is no different than saying, forever.
    Noboru: The time between Mikako and I drifts further and further apart. That is why I have made a goal: to make my heart harder, colder and stronger. The door that I know will never open. I won't knock on it eternally. I will become an adult, even alone.
  • At the end of the film, it turns into Manly Tears: Noboru has joined the UN Navy and has been accepted on the rescue fleet being dispatched to the Lysithea, implying that he will be reunited with Mikako.
  • "...I am here."