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Tear Jerker / (Un)Natural

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  • Leslie's childhood is tragic. She appears to have a loving family, but one late night, she discovers that her mother is having an affair with another male. This is made even more heartbreaking when her mother admits that she hates her husband and considers her own daughter to be a problem. Young Leslie is driven to tears upon hearing all this.
  • Leslie's situation by the end of Issue 4. Her best friend is dead, she's the number one suspect, and she's been evicted from her apartment. Then her other friend is revealed to have been blackmailed into spying on her for the same cult that kidnapped her for their ritual, moments before he's shot. And her only hope is to trust a wolf who's the spitting image of the one who just ripped out her throat in her dream.
    • It gets even worse in Issue 5; Leslie is now the most wanted criminal in the city, with the media blaming her for the deaths of Trish and Derek. Even Trish's parents think she did it.

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