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Tear Jerker / Tokusatsu Ga Ga Ga

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  • Kano's reaction to her mother slapping her. She repeatedly asks why this is happening and why she was hit as Fumi continues to browbeat her for liking tokusatsu into her 20s.
  • Not on the main show itself but in the Show Within a Show Rescue Machine Emerjason's final episode that Kano saw in the finale of the show itself: After Emerjason defeats the evil scientist that made him, the children that waited for Emerjason come around him, but warns them that since the person that made him is now dead, there will be no one to repair him and there will be a chance that if no one fixes him he can get out of control, and there are people will think of him badly, hence why he decides to go far away from humanity. The children however promise him that even if he's gone they will never forget him, will try to convince the people not to pick on robots like him, and will find a way to get him fixed to prevent that from happening. Emerjason then notes that the human memory however is also prone to bugs and deletion considering his data is imperfect as well, but as long as the feelings of love doesn't fade away anything can happen. with that he bade the children farewell, with a promise they'll be see each other again. This ends up with Kano thinking if that show's ending really was that bitter, but also remember's the video shop owner's words that made her think about it.
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  • After watching the finale, Emerjason then shows up where Kano is (in her teens, at her high school's club room), in his damaged state, ready to embrace Kano for not forgetting about him. She ends up in tears and holds his hand.
    Kano: (In tears) I'm glad... I found you again.

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