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Tear Jerker / The Raven's Plan

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The fic is born of the failure of the living. Even a second chance won't stop the tears.

The Main Fic

  • Poor Ned, Cat and Robb are essentially bowled over by how the last survivors of the war have changed. Each having their regrets and shames for how their failures and mistakes turned their family into ruthless survivors.
  • Stannis has to live with understanding what his ambitions drove him to do, and it breaks his family beyond recognition.
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  • Tyrion has to exile Shae because with the war, and with their miscommunications on their last interactions in the old timeline, they can't be together safely or sanely anymore.
  • The reveals of the Maester Conspiracy break several of the great houses.
    • The Lannisters are shocked, outraged and grief stricken into learning they made it look like Johanna bled out having Tyrion.
    • The Tyrells are shocked that the Maesters caused the death of Mace's wife and father.
    • The Tullys are outraged about their manipulations as well.
    • The Martells are horrified not only by Johanna's death (as she was Doran and Oberyn's mother's best friend), but how they'd manipulated Doran as well with illness.
  • Catelyn is a woman lost in the world that was seized by her children. Set in her ways still, but buffeted by one revelation after another, where she has to learn about the many trials her children were sent on, eventually coming to believe It's All My Fault.
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  • Due to the Butterfly Effect, Gilly and Sam's son was never conceived. The author's note even says
    "Don't kill me, please!"
  • Jon's reunion with Ygritte is an awkward mess, given both their history and the fact that he's with Dany now.
  • Maester Luwin is horrified to learn about the Maester Conspiracy and how his order has betrayed its duty for the sake of a vendetta against magic.
    • Worse, while she denies it, Sansa can't help but momentarily doubt Luwin, despite having known him literally her entire life.