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YMMV / The Raven's Plan

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  • Actually Pretty Funny: The sheer absurdity of a two year old lecherously winking (caused by Ned Umber remembering) at his nursemaid can came off this way depending your sense of humor.
  • Better Than Canon: The readers' consensus, unsurprising considering Benioff & Weiss's handling of Season 8.
  • Harsher in Hindsight:
    • The mentions of the characters who died in the old timeline becomes this when several of them actually die in Season 8.
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    • Dany is a lot more stable and sane in this fic than in the show.
    • Arya and Gendry's genuinely loving relationship in the fic becomes somewhat hard to look at, considering in canon they sleep together once and then she rejects his marriage proposal.
  • Heartwarming in Hindsight: The fact that Brienne and Jaime got together here allowing her to have the person she loved with her considering his Redemption Rejection in canon.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • Sansa's friendly attitude towards Dany comes off as this considering the tension between the two in Season 8.
    • That a Peggy Sue was needed to stop the Long Night in this fic is this after Arya single-handedly averting the Long Night by killing the Night King in canon. Maybe the fact that Arya died fighting Euron in the backstory of the fic had something to do with the difference in outcomes between canon and the fic?
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    • Repeatedly throughout the story, people react with disgust to finding out that Jon and Dany are in a relationship despite being related, until others point out that they're Targaryens, so that makes it okay. When this big Internal Reveal comes about in canon, no one other than Varys even acknowledges the incest aspect, and it's quickly brushed off when he brings it up.
    • Jon accepting the throne considering his adamant refusal in the show.
    • There is something darkly amusing about Jaime's angst over killing Cersei considering he died with his arms wrapped lovingly around her in the show.
    • Also amusing is that, in The Raven's Plan, Jaime killed the Mountain before killing Cersei, and the Hound went down fighting Euron, whereas in the show, it was Jaime who was killed by Euron and the Hound who killed the Mountain.
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    • Bran's adamant acknowledgement that Jon is their King considering in the end of the TV series, he became the King of Westeros.
    • Edmure Tully is presented as having become much more dangerous and embittered after everything he went through. His final appearance in canon shows that even after everything, he's still as much an idiot and wimp as he ever was.
    • Yara and Theon's reunion sees her welcoming him back warmly, then kicking him in the balls to remind him what he's regained. In canon, their reunion when he rescues her from Euron involves her headbutting him before embracing him.

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