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Trivia / The Raven's Plan

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  • Bonus Material:
    • The point of the spinoff is to showcase scenes that were cut for pacing reasons in the main fic.
    • A fan created a short chapter detailing Arya's killing of Lothar and Black Walder to make the Frey Pies in the old timeline, in a way that explains their respective reactions to the Remembering.
    • Another fan (the same one who coined the name "the Tully Rock of Doom") wrote not one but two songs about the extermination of House Frey by Arya Stark and House Tully's post-Remembering retribution against the Freys.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • Commentators on have taken to referring to the rock Edmure used to kill Black Walder as the "Tully Rock of Doom". This one became canon later.
    • Commentators also took to referring to the mess in Dorne as the "Dornish Dumpster Fire".
  • Word of God: According to one of the authors notes, the entire idea of this fanfic snowballed from the idea of Viserys learning of what he would do and what would happen to him in the future.

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