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Tear Jerker / The Incredible Hercules

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  • Amadeus, in a cold rage, trying to kill everyone aboard a Helicarrier after Kirby is hit with a stray bullet. In spite of how scary he's acting, you get the feeling of just how much he's hurt.
    Herc: ... you hear something?
    Cho: You mean like my dog running around barking because he's so happy that the Black Widow didn't break his back? No.
    • Followed by Herc pleading with him not to go through with it, Cho deciding not to go through with it, and Herc thanking him with a heartfelt bear hug.
  • Athena, tears streaming down her face, telling Hercules that she considers him her son right before she kills him to make way for Amadeus as the new Prince of Power.
  • What happens when Amadeus finds the real Kirby.
  • The end of "Assault On New Olympus".
  • Hercules revealing why he uses the Roman version of his birth name, Heracles. If you add in what Hera reveals at the end of the earlier New Labors Of Hercules miniseries, that the murder of Herc's family really was all her fault, it becomes more powerful - Herc wasn't to blame, but he continues to accept blame anyhow. You could argue that this makes Herc The Atoner.


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