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Awesome / The Incredible Hercules

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  • Hercules and Snowbird slay the Skrull God Kly'bn and save Earth from subjugation.
    • Beforehand, Herc cutting loose after Amadeus' apparent death and showing what he can really do when he stops messing about: namely, absolutely thrashing Kly'bn, who, lest it be forgotten, was a Skyfather who'd destroyed and absorbed thousands of pantheons and was at least a Class 6 on the Superweight scale while Herc is nominally a Class 4.
  • Let the god speak for himself;
    Zeus: You may worship me by whatever name you choose. But I prefer Zeus. And I just found out I control the weather. Which is awesome.
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  • Way back in the seventies, for over a year (#221-236), Hercules was something of a sidekick to Thor and suffered a string of Worfings and curb-stomp battles to make Thor look better. In #235 he finally gets thrown a bone. Jane Foster is dying, so Lady Sif leads Hercules to another realm where a blind sorcerer named Kamo Tharn possesses a staff that will help save Jane. Kamo has no desire to help them, so he strikes Hercules deaf and then tries to kill him, but Herc takes the folly of energy and knocks out Kamo with one punch.
    Though fallen Hercules still doth live. And by my soul as long as life exists within me I WILL NOT BEG. I WILL NOT BEG! *BRAABOOM!*
  • Hercules once curb-stomped the Needlessly omnipotent Sentry by exploiting his lack of fighting skills. He even throws in a Groin Attack for good measure.
  • In Civil War, a clone of Thor had already killed one of Herc's friends, and nearly several more. After Storm managed to hold the Clone-Thor off in her CMOA, Herc steps up to literally destroy a being very nearly as powerful and durable as the original Thor... with just three punches. Sadly this remains off-screen, though some descriptive sound effects make it clear just how utterly wrecked Clor was.
    • While using the clone's own Mjolnir!
    Hercules: "THOU ART NO THOR!"
  • Years ago, Hercules was an alcoholic who could usually be found in a bar wasting his life. He got himself back on track and later built a worldwide business empire. Whose profits only went to fund charity efforts, such as women's shelters.

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