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Tear Jerker / The Dresden Files

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No matter how funny, heartwarming, or awesome the Dresden 'verse can be, it's still a very dark place that will always gutpunch you right in the feelings.

Short stories

  • The end of the short story 'Love Hurts", when Harry and Murphy realize they have to end the spell and go back to the way things were.
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  • A subtle but very, very dark one in Backup: Thomas confronts the Stygian at the end, and, while horribly poisoned, he rapes her and feeds her to his Hunger, killing her and letting his Hunger fight off the poison to keep him alive. The worst part is how simple and understated the scene is. Thomas has been fighting his demon for so long, working to not abuse others around him, but is forced by both the poison and his enemy to consume her life force. It is dark and subtle and quiet and incredibly tragic.
  • In Cold Case, Molly, just beginning her role as the Winter Lady, and Carlos develop a budding romance, and even start to have sex. She wakes up in the shower with blood all over her hands, and Mab explains that due to her being the Winter Lady and thus the maiden of The Hecate Sisters, the mantle reacted automatically and brutally hurt Carlos, as it will anyone with whom Molly tries to have sex with, because having sex would make her not a maiden anymore.
    • The main plot is worse. Molly has to collect a tribute that hasn't been paid in some time from a Fae tribe. When she asks them for it, they tell her that their children have been abducted by enemies, and unless they get their children back, they're not giving her the tribute. Molly and Carlos heroically destroy the enemies and rescue the children... and then Molly finds out that the children are the tribute- they're going to be raised as soldiers to fight the Outsiders at the Outer Gates, and will never see their families or home again. And there's absolutely nothing she can do to stop it.
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  • The very end of Day One. Butters managed in the end to triumph over his fear and defeat the baku baku... but he still had no choice but to kill something that was supposed to be a protector, something that he desperately wishes he could have redeemed instead.
  • Zoo Day: Harry and Maggie trying to tiptoe around each other's weak spots. Each of them has experienced suffering almost beyond imagining, had friends and relations torn from them... and now that they've found each other, each of them is terrified that they'll do or say something wrong and lose the other.
  • Goodbye: Nearly every word is designed to bring the tears asIvy confronts Kincaid for his part in Harry's death.
  • The flashback images of young Harry from Ghoul Goblin are pretty touching, the moreso when you think about how long those experiences (finding his father dead, having killed Justin) are going to haunt and isolate him.

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