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Characters / The Dresden Files

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Characters from The Dresden Files.

WARNING! Due to the books relying heavily on mystery and surprise, the pages would be virtually unreadable with excessive spoiler tags. Therefore, all spoilers except for the most recent novel (Battle Ground) are UNMARKED. Tread carefully.

  • Harry Dresden
  • Harry's Household Character List 
  • The White Council Founder,  Senior Council,  Wardens,  Other 
  • The Church Knights of the Cross, Priests,  Angels 
  • The Vampire Courts Black Court vampires,  Black Court thralls, servitors, and staff,  Red Court vampires, Red Court thralls, servitors, and staff,  White Court vampires,  White Court thralls, servitors, and staff 
  • The Denarians Mortal hosts,  Fallen and their Shadows,  Nicodemus's Squires 
  • The Fae The Mothers,  The Unseelie/Winter Court,  The Seelie/Summer Court,  Wyldfae: Goblins,  Wyldfae: Little Folk,  Wyldfae: Trolls,  Wyldfae: Others 
  • The Fomor Leader,  Fomor,  Implanted humans 
  • The Kemmlerites Founders,  Contenders for the Word of Kemmler 
  • The Outsiders Outsiders,  Black Council 
  • Chicago Mafia Leadership,  Troubleshooters,  Velvet Room,  Other mobsters,  Legitimate businesspeople,  Clients 
  • Chicago Police and FBI Chicago Police: Special Investigations,  Chicago Police: Other,  Chicago Between Bureau,  FBI,  Library of Congress, Special Collections Division 
  • Other Powerful Entities Councils,  Cults,  The Alphas,  The Evil Eye Franchise,  The Fellowship of St. Giles,  Monoc Securities,  Monster LLC,  Ordo Lebes/The Paranet,  The Streetwolves,  Stygian Sisterhood,  The Thule Society,  The Venatori,  Unaffiliated Wizards, Witches, Warlocks and Minor Talents,  Demons,  Divine and Semi-Divine Beings,  Forest People,  Ghosts and zombies,  Ghouls,  Hecatean Hags,  Loa,  Nature spirits,  Scions,  Svartalves,  Other 
  • Ordinary People and Badass Normals Beckitt family,  Carpenter family,  Dresden family,  Murphy family,  Sells family,  Talbot family,  Martineaux family,  Chicago Forensic Institute,  Court system,  Criminals,  Dresden's boardinghouse,  Genosa's studio,  Hospital staff, patients, and EMTs   Lincoln Park Zoo,  Occult proprietors and their staff,  Paparazzi, photographers, and reporters,  Private detectives,  Residents of Boone Mill, Missouri,  Residents of Taylor, Mississippi,  Splattercon!!! attendees, staff, and supporters,  Other clients of Dresden,  Other victims of supernatural monsters  Other 

Alternative Title(s): Battle Ground 2020