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Tear Jerker / The BFG

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  • Try not to cry when you hear the song "Two Worlds" in the film.
  • As terrifying as it was to see the Fleshlumpeater devour a sleeping boy, it's extra sad because the boy had just been given a pleasant happy dream about scaring his teacher as a ghost by BFG, meaning that would be the last thing he ever knew.
  • In the live action film, the BFG is revealed to have had another child as a friend, a boy who the BFG had made a home for in the back of his cave and had drawn pictures of them. He was caught by one of the giants(most likely Fleshlumpeater) and eaten. Sophie finds his jacket among a pile of used rags and the BFG's reaction to seeing her in it is heartwrenchingly sad, though he clearly tries to hide his dismay. Later, he reveals the truth when he plans to leave Sophie back at the orphanage, afraid of her suffering the same fate as his other friend.
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  • The film's conclusion where Sophie breaks down confessing she didn't want to see BFG sometimes, she wanted to be with him always.

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