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Tear Jerker / Star Darlings

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  • In Sage's book, she meets Cassie, who tells her about her parents' jobs and what they do. When Sage meets Cassie's uncle, Andreas, she excitedly mentions her parents to him... only for Andreas to reveal that Cassie's parents died when she was 6. Cassie later admits that pretending they were still alive was her way of coping, and asks Sage not to mention it to anyone.
  • Libby's book ends with the revelation that Scarlet apparently isn't a Star Darling, which saddens and shocks the other students.
    Libby didn't think she would forget that sad, resigned, fearful look for as long as she lived.
    "Scarlet, we need to talk," Lady Stella said gently. "I'm afraid I have some bad news."
    And then Libby didn't hear any more because the door slid shut with a loud click.
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  • Lady Stella and Rancora used to be best friends. The fact that they aren't anymore, and Rancora's grudge has gone beyond one person and threatens the entire world, hurts Lady Stella deeply. Even Rancora's situation is tragic, as her turn to villainy was prophesied, she was negatively affected by an extreme amount of negative energy to the point she thrived on it, and was expelled from the academy partially due to the headmistress not wanting to undermine the prophecy.
  • The song Starlight evokes images of a friendship enduring even after the world itself ends, and the music video shows a girl being teased for guitar-playing until the Star Darlings help her out by letting her join their band.
    Time and space
    Like stardust, they will blow away
    Run on faith and we'll be okay
    Watch the ground as it's fading away
    Up in the atmosphere
    We could disappear, disappear
    Hearts will collide
    Up in the sky, looking down on life
    We are starlight, starlight
    Between the moon and the city lights
    We are starlight, starlight


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