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Headscratchers / Star Darlings

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  • So if there's a big energy crisis looming and there's the threat of all of Starland losing its magic, shouldn't they maybe be trying to conserve some of that magic instead of continuing to use it for frivolous-seeming things like guide robots and new outfits and re-creating your entire room and, y'know, things that us "primitive" humans have been managing fine without for years? It's a bit hard to be concerned when the terrible crisis doesn't seem to have affected their way of life at all so far.
    • Given that around 50 percent of wish missions end in failure and their society hasn't collapsed by now, granted wish energy seems just that powerful. Children's wishes being granted has a major increase in power, as well. Since Starlings as a species are close to humans, even if their society isn't, it could also be a metaphor for pollution, especially with negative energy. Scarlet's book confirms the pollution metaphor, with there being a negative energy dumping ground that's slowly been leaking over time.
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    • Their society is, as the above troper noted, very different from ours. They seem to be far more advanced than humans in some ways while far behind us in others, and things like doing chores are one of the ways they're behind. Besides, if they've been using magic to do simple things for so long, they honestly might not know how to do these things without magic.
  • If Sage is matched to Sagittarius like the character page (and her name) implies, why is her hair styled after a pair of scorpion tails?
    • In official art her hair is loose. It's only in the cartoon where it's braided.
  • Rancora got a majority of her negative energy ideas from books, such as Negatite Arts and Crafts. Who wrote those books and why?


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