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Starland is a monarchy
  • The area of Earth/Wishworld that the Star Darlings visit is America, so it would make sense that Starland might have a different form of government to differentiate the two worlds. Libby revealed that Starland has dramatic class differences, a common trait of monarchies. Another possible point is that Lady Stella wears regal garments, including a circlet. While Starland has a president and founding mothers, the origin of its land and people isn't discussed—it could have started with a monarchy, then had a revolution, but the old monarchical trappings stuck.

Scarlet will be the one to teach Sage about her powers

  • At least in the web series, there is a gap between Sage and Scarlet due to the former's assumptions and the latter's nature. Scarlet is one of few Star Darlings with little fear of negative energy. When Sage goes Dark Starling, Leona, Libby, and Vega will feel scared and unable to help Sage. Scarlet's outcast nature and courage will help her restore Sage to normal, and teach her that darkness isn't always an uncontrollable force of evil.

Wish-Granters are fairy godmothers

  • Starlings soar down to Earth from the sky to grant wishes, and there are good and bad wishes. Their rules around secrecy are because modern humans lack belief in magic, and so wouldn't accept Wish-Granters in their magical forms. Lady Rancora resembles Maleficent, especially in Piper's vision image of her, so she could be an evil fairy, at least by human standards.

There will be a character named after Cetus.

  • Cetus is another "unofficial" Western Zodiac sign along with Ophiuchus, which Ophelia represents. A Cetus character will be an honorary Star Darling, a teacher, a new boyfriend figure for one of the main Star Darlings, or another disguise of Rancora's.

The series would've ended with Rancora's Heel–Face Turn.
  • Even as Rancora she still holds some regret over how things turned out, as seen in Good Wish Gone Bad, Lady Stella still misses her dear friend, and negative energy corrupting her personality is known by most of the cast. It's probable a super influx of positive energy would have restored Cora to normal.


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