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Tear Jerker / Resistance

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  • I'm very surprised Resistance 2. As if the utterly empty towns and cities that you romp through should be unnerving and depressing enough, you have to contend with Henry Stillman's radio broadcasts. The first broadcast seems innocuous enough, it's a professional radio man reporting a disaster. A day after you hear the first one, Henry's radio news man shell falls and he is audibly shaken by the slaughter and the loss of his wife. And then how he gets his hopes up over what he sees on the street is the worst. To hear this man's hopes get up over the first sings of human contact he's seen in days only to have it robbed from him. And then his brief sojourn outside you can hear how much he's come apart. And then his last broadcast ends with his declaration of defeat and his decision to throw himself to the grims. Listening to the spiritual destruction of a man over the course of the game is likely todrive anyone to tears.


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