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Hale did not die in the end of Resistance 2.
Well, he has a healing factor, and Capelli shot him in the head. In other words, he didn't die at all.
  • Well, Boom, Headshot! is a prominent gameplay mechanic, and if ordinary Chimera Mooks can't heal from a bullet to the head, then Hale probably couldn't either.
    • It may depend on the difficulty the player finished the game on. Hale could probably survive a headshot on easy. Then again, considering the abrupt cut-to-black, Capelli probably realized this and finished him off.

Stillman is a mole
A well-done mole. The Fridge Logic of him turning on the intro music when he's surrounded by aliens and his wife has (supposedly) been dragged off to a cocoon of some kind is jarring. Plus, his voice is just...too perfect. It's too into it. Therefore, I purport that he is, in fact, a mole of some kind for the Chimera.
  • Makes sense, really. There are a lot of things he talks about that one bit of intel from the first game said American radio speakers weren't supposed to talk about. Then again, the Chimera weren't on American soil at that point, but still.

The dinosaurs were the race that the Chimera went to war with in prehistory.
Well, the war ended when the Chimera accomplished their mission at the crater in New Mexico, coinciding with current theories about the extinction of the dinosaurs. The Timeline of several million years also coincides with the time period in which dinosaurs were dominant on earth. Additional visual evidence for this comes from Marauders in Resistance 2. Given the Chimeran tendency to make soldiers out of the bodies of their fallen enemies, it makes more sense that the marauder creature was created from the venerable lizards than from human bodies.

The Chimera has created the Blacklight Virus.
  • It's their backup plan in case they fail.
    • That doesn't seem too likely. The world of Prototype is not the same as Resistance, but simply our world in the the not-too-distant future.

Resistance and Half-Life share the same universe.
Black Mesa and Aperture both recovered the Chimeran teleportation technology after Capelli destroyed the tower that the Chimera were using to open a portal to their homeworld in 1957. The Black Mesa facility itself (being built in The ’50s) was initially built to research and resist the Chimera, but shifted focus after the war ended.

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